Alcohol Rehab in Waynoka, OK

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Waynoka, OK

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Below are all residential alcohol rehabilitation centers in Waynoka, OK. These alcohol addiction treatment centers provide in-patient alcohol treatment in Waynoka to women, male patients, and younger adults and teenagers with a drinking problem, with treatment that consist of upscale services that can be paid for by health insurance. Call 888 433-4419 to receive help with getting admitted into in patient alcohol rehabilitation.

Northwest Treatment Center

Northwest Treatment Center is an inpatient alcohol rehab in Waynoka, OK, 73860 zip code.

Address: 1095 Nickerson Street, Waynoka, OK 73860 in Woods County


  • Counseling for alcohol abuse, trauma counseling and 12 step rehabilitation
  • Accepts government funding
  • Co-occurring mental health / alcohol addiction treatment, people with trauma and sexual abuse victims
  • Long-term alcohol treatment and residential alcohol rehab
  • Treatment for alcohol addiction and mental health diagnosis
(888) 230-7667

White Horse Ranch - 21.7 miles from Waynoka, OK

White Horse Ranch is an inpatient alcohol treatment center in Mooreland, OK, 73852 zip code.

Address: 40803 South County Road 213, Mooreland, OK 73852 in Woodward County

21.7 miles from Waynoka


  • Sexual abuse victims, teenagers and co-occurring substance abuse and pain treatment
  • CBT, alcohol use counseling approach and rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Accepts Military insurance
  • Partial hospitalization, residential alcohol rehab and regular outpatient alcohol treatment
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis
(844) 325-8366

Lighthouse Substance Abuse Services Northwest Center Behavioral Health - 28.7 miles from Waynoka, OK

Lighthouse Substance Abuse Services Northwest Center Behavioral Health is an inpatient alcohol rehab in Woodward, OK, 73801 zip code.

Address: 5050 Williams Avenue, Woodward, OK 73801 in Woodward County

28.7 miles from Waynoka


  • Residential alcohol rehabilitation and short term alcohol rehab
  • Brief intervention, 12 step rehabilitation and relapse prevention
  • Accepts government funding
  • Treatment for alcohol use
(888) 644-6099

Northwest Center For Behavioral Health - 34.6 miles from Waynoka, OK

Northwest Center For Behavioral Health is a residential alcohol rehab in Fort Supply, Oklahoma, 73841 zip code.

Address: 193461 East County Road, Suite 304, Fort Supply, OK 73841 in Woodward County

34.6 miles from Waynoka


  • Inpatient hospital alcohol detox and inpatient hospital treatment
  • Counseling for alcohol abuse, motivational interviewing and trauma counseling
  • Alcohol detox
  • Accepts State-financed health insurance
(888) 672-7192

Vans House - 66.4 miles from Waynoka, OK

Vans House is a residential alcohol treatment center in Enid, Oklahoma, 73701 zip code.

Address: 701 West Main Street, Enid, OK 73701 in Garfield County

66.4 miles from Waynoka


  • Alcohol use counseling approach, brief intervention and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Residential alcohol rehabilitation and long-term alcohol treatment
  • Accepts cash or self-payment
  • Sober living
(844) 939-1107