Alcohol Rehab in Kay County, OK

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Kay County, OK

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.

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Below is a list of inpatient and residential alcohol rehab centers in Kay County, OK. Many different alcohol addiction treatment options are available in Oklahoma and Kay County, and determining which treatment program is ideal for your precise situation could be not easy. When determining which inpatient alcoholic use treatment program offers the most significant opportunity for the safest and successful recovery, note that these treatment centers offer in-patient alcohol treatment in Kay County to women, men, in addition to young adults and teens, with treatment that consist of luxurious services that could be compensated by health insurance.

Social Development Center

Social Development Center is a residential alcohol rehab in Kay County, Oklahoma, 74601 zip code.

Address: 210 Starting Point Drive, Ponca City, OK 74601 in Kay County

Services offered:

  • Regular outpatient alcohol treatment, long-term alcohol rehab and outpatient rehab
  • Motivational interviewing, alcohol use counseling approach and 12-step rehab
  • Accepts government funding
  • Treatment for alcohol use
  • Alcohol rehab for seniors, adult women and adult men

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.