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It is important to find medical help for alcohol detox and counseling. The best inpatient alcohol rehab centers will help you fight the demons that may have led you to drink in the first place. Problems do not simply disappear when you stop drinking, so you must learn how to handle the stresses of life without a mind-altering substance. Alcohol Use Disorder affects millions of people across the United States with over 14,500 facilities that can cater to the needs of anyone who needs treatment. There is always hope to regain control of your life and find the happiness of which you once dreamed was possible. Please use our directory of all residential and inpatient alcohol rehabs to find a treatment center near you.

How much does alcohol rehab cost, and what are my financial options?

One of the biggest concerns for any addict or their family is the impact on their finances. Outpatient alcohol rehab costs from $5,000 for 90-days of treatment and $10,000 for one that is considered luxury. Inpatient alcohol rehab can set someone back around $6,000 for 30-day programs and up to $20,000 for well-known programs. 60- and 90-day alcohol treatment programs can cost between $12,000 and $60,000. Prices depend on the frequency and duration of the visits. Payment options include:  

Different types of alcohol rehab

One of the challenging parts of staying sober is the fact that it is legal and easily accessible to everyone over 21. Every facility designs a customized plan according to your specific situation. So, what is the general process?

What therapies can be used to treat AUD?

Deciding to go to AUD treatment and choosing an alcohol rehab center are significant steps that lead to the rest of the journey. Detoxing from alcohol is one of the most life-threatening withdrawals of any substance used. Detox in combination with a selection of therapies that help recovering alcoholics deal with their emotions, past traumas, and even mental illnesses lead to the highest success rates. The facts are that 50% of those who drink too much are avoiding dealing with some form of mental illness. Those who find sobriety exhibit a vulnerability and willingness to do whatever it takes to regain control of their life. This is done through a combination of: