Alcohol Rehab in Logan County, OK

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Logan County, OK

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.

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Below is a list of residential alcohol rehabs in Logan County, OK. Numerous different alcohol addiction treatment options can be found in Oklahoma and Logan County, so making a decision on which one is ideal for a patient’s specific needs may be challenging. When choosing which residential alcohol use treatment program provides the most significant chance for safe and relapse-free recovery, note that these rehab facilities offer in patient alcohol treatment in Logan County to women, men, in addition to young adults and teenagers with a drinking problem, with treatment that include luxury services which may be covered by private health insurance.

Northcare Family Treatment Center

Northcare Family Treatment Center is a residential alcohol rehab in Logan County, OK, 73044 zip code.

Address: 1916 East Perkins Avenue, Guthrie, OK 73044 in Logan County

Services offered:

  • Treatment for alcohol use
  • Short-term residential alcohol treatment, long-term alcohol rehab and residential alcohol treatment
  • Adult women, judicial clients and sexual abuse victims
  • Covered by Medicaid
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and motivational interviewing

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.