Alcohol Rehab in Wood County, OH

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Wood County, OH

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Here is a listing of all inpatient and residential alcohol rehabilitation centers in Wood County, OH. Numerous different alcoholic addiction treatment programs exist in Ohio and Wood County, because of that, making a decision on which treatment center is ideal for your particular requirements could be tough. When choosing which in-patient alcoholism addiction treatment gives the best chance for the safest and relapse-free recovery, note that these treatment centers offer inpatient alcohol treatment in Wood County to female patients, men, and young adults and teenagers with a drinking problem, with treatment methods that consist of luxurious services which could be compensated by private health insurance.

Harbour Devlac Hall

Harbour Devlac Hall is an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation center in Wood County, Ohio, 43402 zip code.

Address: 1033 Devlac Grove, Bowling Green, OH 43402 in Wood County

Services offered:

  • Sexual abuse victims, judicial clients and domestic violence victims
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention and motivational incentives
  • Residential alcohol rehab and short-term residential alcohol treatment
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health and alcohol use disorders
  • Accepts government funding