Alcohol Rehab in Wayne County, NY

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Wayne County, NY

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Here is a listing of all inpatient and residential alcohol rehabilitation centers in Wayne County, NY. Numerous different alcoholism addiction treatment programs provide rehabilitation in New York and Wayne County, because of that, deciding which treatment center is best for a patient’s particular situation might be tough. When determining which in-patient alcoholism use treatment program offers the most significant chance for the safest and relapse-free recovery, note that these rehab centers provide inpatient alcohol treatment in Wayne County to female patients, male patients, and young adults and adolescents, with treatment that include upscale services which can be covered by private health insurance.

Hannick Hall Srh

Hannick Hall Srh is a residential alcohol treatment center in Wayne County, NY, 14513 zip code.

Address: 110 South Clinton Street, Floors 1 and 2, Newark, NY 14513 in Wayne County

Services offered:

  • Short-term residential alcohol treatment, residential alcohol treatment and long-term alcohol treatment
  • Adult women, pregnant and postpartum women and co-occurring mental health / alcohol addiction treatment
  • Covered by State-financed health insurance
  • Alcohol use treatment
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma counseling and anger management