Alcohol Rehab in Marion County, MO

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Marion County, MO

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.

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Below is a list of residential and inpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers in Marion County, MO. Numerous different alcohol addiction treatment options can be found in Missouri and Marion County, so making a decision on which rehab is best for your particular situation might be challenging. When choosing which residential alcohol use treatment program gives the most significant opportunity for safe and successful recovery, note that these treatment centers offer in patient alcohol treatment in Marion County to women, men, as well as younger adults and teenagers with a drinking problem, with treatment methods that include luxury services which may be paid for by private health insurance.

Turning Point Recovery Center

Turning Point Recovery Center is an inpatient alcohol rehab in Marion County, MO, 63401 zip code.

Address: 146 Communications Drive, Hannibal, MO 63401 in Marion County

Services offered:

  • Partial hospitalization, regular outpatient alcohol treatment and intensive outpatient treatment services
  • Covered by State-financed health insurance
  • People with trauma, dual diagnosis treatment and pregnant and postpartum women
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis
  • Alcohol Detoxification, Benzodiazepines Detoxification and Cocaine Detox
  • Motivational incentives, counseling for trauma victims and anger management

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.