Alcohol Rehab in Steele County, MN

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Steele County, MN

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.

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Here is a list of inpatient alcohol rehab centers in Steele County, MN. A lot of various alcoholism addiction treatment options provide rehabilitation in Minnesota and Steele County, so making a decision on which treatment center is optimal for a patient’s specific situation could be not easy. When determining which in-patient alcoholism abuse treatment program gives the best chance for the safest and successful recovery, note that these rehab centers provide in-patient alcohol treatment in Steele County to women, male patients, and young adults and adolescents, with treatment methods that consist of high-end services which could be paid for by private health insurance.

Beauterre Recovery Institute

Beauterre Recovery Institute is a residential alcohol rehab in Steele County, MN, 55060 zip code.

Address: 2480 South County Road 45, Owatonna, MN 55060 in Steele County

Services offered:

  • Co-occurring substance abuse and pain treatment, sexual abuse victims and domestic violence victims
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational incentives and trauma counseling
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis
  • Private insurance plans accepted
  • Residential alcohol treatment, long term alcohol treatment and short-term residential alcohol treatment

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.