Alcohol Rehab in Granite Falls, MN

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Granite Falls, MN

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Here is a list of in-patient alcohol rehabilitation centers in Granite Falls, MN. Numerous various alcoholic addiction treatment programs can be found in Minnesota and Granite Falls, as such, deciding which treatment center is ideal for a patient’s particular situation may be tough. When determining which residential alcohol addiction treatment provides the best opportunity for the safest and relapse-free recovery, note that these treatment facilities provide in patient alcohol treatment in Granite Falls to female patients, men, and young adults and teenagers with a drinking problem, with treatment methods that consist of upscale services which may be covered by health insurance.

Project Turnabout

Project Turnabout is an inpatient alcohol rehab in Granite Falls, MN, 56241 zip code.

Address: 660 18th Street, Granite Falls, MN 56241 in Yellow Medicine County

Services offered:

  • Private insurance plans accepted
  • Counseling for alcohol abuse, CBT and relapse prevention
  • Regular outpatient alcohol treatment, outpatient rehab and residential alcohol rehab
  • Alcohol detoxification
  • Adult women and adult men
  • Opioid Detoxification, Benzodiazepines Detox and Cocaine Detoxification

Project Turnabout Marshall - 23.2 miles from Granite Falls, MN

Project Turnabout Marshall is a residential alcohol treatment center in Marshall, MN, 56258 zip code.

Address: 1220 Birch Street, Marshall, MN 56258 in Lyon County

23.2 miles from Granite Falls

Services offered:

  • Brief intervention services, 12 step rehabilitation and motivational interviewing
  • Private insurance plans accepted
  • Treatment for alcohol abuse
  • Regular outpatient alcohol treatment, residential alcohol rehab and outpatient rehab

New Life Treatment Center - 57.3 miles from Granite Falls, MN

New Life Treatment Center is a residential alcohol rehab in Woodstock, MN, 56186 zip code.

Address: 130 Dakota Street South, Woodstock, MN 56186 in Murray County

57.3 miles from Granite Falls

Services offered:

  • Self payment accepted
  • Residential alcohol rehab, short term alcohol rehab and regular outpatient alcohol treatment
  • Adult men, people with co-occurring pain and substance use and adult women
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health and alcohol use disorders
  • Benzodiazepines Detox, Alcohol Detoxification and Methamphetamines Detoxification
  • CBT, anger management and rational emotive behavioral therapy

Wings Adolescent Treatment Services - 61.0 miles from Granite Falls, MN

Wings Adolescent Treatment Services is an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation center in Litchfield, MN, 55355 zip code.

Address: 1326 East Ripley Street, Litchfield, MN 55355 in Meeker County

61.0 miles from Granite Falls

Services offered:

  • Alcohol use treatment
  • Teens, judicial clients and people with trauma
  • Residential alcohol rehab, short-term residential alcohol treatment and long term alcohol addiction treatment
  • Accepts IHS/Tribal/Urban (ITU) funds
  • Brief intervention, 12-step rehab and anger management

New Ulm Medical Center Addiction Services - 67.0 miles from Granite Falls, MN

New Ulm Medical Center Addiction Services is an inpatient alcohol treatment center in New Ulm, Minnesota, 56073 zip code.

Address: 1324 5th Street North, New Ulm, MN 56073 in Brown County

67.0 miles from Granite Falls

Services offered:

  • Teen alcohol rehab, judicial clients and dual diagnosis treatment
  • Motivational interviewing, CBT and trauma counseling
  • Treatment for alcohol abuse
  • Covered by State-financed health insurance
  • IOT, outpatient rehab and short-term residential alcohol treatment