Alcohol Rehab in Rapides Parish, LA

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Rapides Parish, LA

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.

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Below is a list of in-patient alcohol rehabs in Rapides Parish, LA. Numerous various alcoholism addiction treatment options provide rehabilitation in Louisiana and Rapides Parish, because of that, making a decision on which rehab is best for a patient’s particular situation might be challenging. When deciding which inpatient alcohol addiction treatment provides the best chance for safe and relapse-free recovery, note that these rehab centers provide inpatient alcohol treatment in Rapides Parish to female patients, men, in addition to younger adults and teenagers with a drinking problem, with treatment that include high-end services which can be covered by private health insurance.

Edgefield Recovery Center

Edgefield Recovery Center is an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation center in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, 71325 zip code.

Address: 10627/10631 Highway 71 South, Cheneyville, LA 71325 in Rapides Parish

Services offered:

  • Private insurance plans accepted
  • Alcohol rehab for older adults, LGBT and dual diagnosis treatment
  • CBT, relapse prevention treatment and anger management
  • Opioid Detoxification, Alcohol Detoxification and Benzodiazepines Detoxification
  • 30 day alcohol rehab, residential alcohol detoxification and residential alcohol treatment
  • Treatment for alcohol abuse

Call (866) 864-9515 to get 24/7 help with alcohol addiction treatment.