Alcohol Rehab in Carroll County, GA

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Carroll County, GA

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Below is a list of inpatient alcohol rehabs in Carroll County, GA. A lot of various alcoholic addiction treatment options are available in Georgia and Carroll County, as such, making a decision on which treatment center is best for your precise needs might be tough. When deciding which inpatient alcoholic addiction treatment program provides the best chance for the safest and successful recovery, note that these rehab facilities offer in-patient alcohol treatment in Carroll County to female patients, men, in addition to young adults and teens, with treatment that include high-end services that can be compensated by health insurance.

Willowbrooke At Tanner

Willowbrooke At Tanner is an inpatient alcohol rehab center in Carroll County, Georgia, 30180 zip code.

Address: 20 Herrell Road, Villa Rica, GA 30180 in Carroll County

Services offered:

  • Relapse prevention treatment, CBT and anger management
  • Treatment for alcohol abuse
  • Methamphetamines Detox, Opioid Detox and Benzodiazepines Detoxification
  • Outpatient alcohol day treatment, hospital inpatient alcohol treatment and hospital inpatient alcohol detox
  • Covered by State-financed health insurance
  • Rehab for teenagers, LGBT and adult women